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  • the old dog (+audio)

    20 October 2020 by

    he was a very old dog and
    he left hairs everywhere he sat
    yet despite all that
    she let him sleep in the bed besides her

    Only because her family
    said it was wrong

    By definition
    everything those people called wrong
    was right and vice versa

    So the old dog slept with her

    The old dog was all she
    had left

    The old dog was the only one who
    stood by her side
    that time she overdosed on sleeping pills

    The old dog was the only one
    who didn’t agree with mother when
    she said, “Oh joy, another suicide attempt.
    I wish she’d succeed at
    something for once in life but…
    well, no such luck, I guess.”

    The old dog had died
    four days ago
    but she still kept him in bed
    besides her

  • Short Interview with Bogdan Dragos

    18 October 2020 by

    Well, believe it or not, someone actually decided I’m interesting enough to be interviewed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I know, right?

    ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)
    \╭☞ \╭☞ here’s the INTERVIEW on GOBBLERS / MASTICADORES

    Oh, and expect to see poems of mine there. Soon.

    Big thanks to the editors!

  • You never left

    17 October 2020 by

    It’s the little things that tell
    the difference
    but many times there’s no observer
    to notice them

    Little things like
    ignoring all the beer in the fridge
    and going straight for the cupboard
    where the tea bags
    stood untouched for years


    A fine combination

    He took out one little bag
    and filled the kettle with water
    and placed it on the electric stove

    and looked out the window
    while waiting for the steam to whistle

    Rainy weather outside
    Overcast weather inside, in his heart

    Also he had no smokes left
    and no one to smoke them with
    so he took the lighter from inside his
    pocket and lit it
    against the glass of the window
    and said to the flame, “You said
    you’d leave. But you
    never left. It was a lie. Else why do
    I feel you closer now than when your
    body stood right next to mine? Doesn’t
    make sense. You never left…”

    The glass started to blacken around
    the flame and he retreated it

    “You never left,” he said. “You are so close
    now and had taken over so much
    of my mind that I started doing
    the things
    you loved and I hated.”

    The kettle whistled
    behind him

    He turned around.
    “You never left…”

  • today I don’t wanna die

    13 October 2020 by

    She walked on tiptoes around the
    house and
    bounced a few times and
    spun like a ballerina
    and sang, “Today I don’t wanna diiIiIIie.”

    It was rare for her
    but he sure
    was glad to see it. Glad and now
    a bit anxious
    not to do something that would
    disrupt her
    happiness. It could be anything really

    She grabbed a towel and wrapped
    it around his neck
    to bring his body closer to hers
    and said, “Let’s open a wine
    bottle and make love.”

    He smiled and nodded
    and instinctively brought a hand to
    his head to feel the
    scab from the last opened bottle of

  • You continue because of it

    25 September 2020 by

    it’s a bit cold
    I’m sitting by the margin of the river
    A bit upset
    There were too many fish who escaped
    my nets

    I sigh
    throw ’em again


    I catch one
    pull it out and stomp on its golden head
    rip it apart from the body
    and drink its blood

    Yeah, bullshit
    I’m sitting in the office

    night shift

    supervising casinos through
    CCTV cameras

    it’s 05:53
    and I’m ignoring work to write poems
    like this one

    and something always comes up
    and makes me forget my ideas
    The phone rings
    Some customer causes trouble in some casino
    Some other customer is suspected of cheating
    A bouncer falls asleep on his
    chair due to lack of activity
    The game attendant flirts with a customer
    There’s a bill fallen on the floor and I’ve to
    determine its owner
    A bunch of idiots are being too loud
    Some other idiot keeps demanding alcohol
    but his bets ain’t worth shit
    and so on
    and on
    and on

    And the goldfish escape through my fingers
    and the eyes of my nets are too wide
    and that just sucks, man
    It really does

    But I pick myself up
    and tell myself what I always tell myself

    A writer writes
    A writer writes
    A writer writes

    Just like a fisherman fishes

    And you don’t stop because the catch
    is rickety

    You continue because of it

  • 4 POEMS featured in Terror House Magazine

    20 September 2020 by

    Finally!! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑
    I’ve managed to put together 4 safe, innocent, and family friendly poems that have been featured in a highly prestigious magazine
    (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

    Feel free to read them and please tell me which do you think it’s the least ‘family friendly’ among them (if there is one, of course).

    Thanks in advance (^_^)


    superstitious woman
    facing the dark corner
    a blunt weapon
    a very happy neighborhood

  • infinitely unhappy girl

    13 September 2020 by

    Oh, infinitely beautiful girl
    You are not alone

    she wrote with
    scarlet lipstick on her mirror

    But words alone
    change hearts

    and she was infinitely



    All the boys and men
    said yes
    to her

    but her brother still
    said no

  • Bleed ’em to death

    11 September 2020 by

    “Eh, sorry, sorry,” she would
    but the wound would be already

    She would close her eyes
    squint them
    poke her tongue out
    and shake her head

    She liked to bite
    couldn’t help it

    “You’re gonna kill somebody
    one day. Bleed ’em to death or

    “Sorry, sorry.”

    but some people
    some girls
    are just impossible to stay mad at

    Despite her words
    there was
    no remorse for opening the wound
    no remorse for licking it
    making it bigger with her tongue
    And no remorse for sucking
    the blood out of it

    She never swallowed
    Just swirled it around her mouth,
    loving the saltiness
    and the taste of metal,
    and then let it drip down her chin

    She was arguably
    one of the
    among the great ones

  • run wild

    9 September 2020 by

    Run wild
    That was the motto

    Of course it didn’t address
    running wild
    in the streets
    and away from angry shopkeepers
    and the police
    and rival gangs
    and betrayed friends

    It all starts with a
    run from responsibility,
    evading reality

    “Think you
    can live like that?” father had said.
    “Go ahead and try. C’mon, not
    like you’re of any
    use round here. Go!”

    He went

    and the years have passed and
    he was never missed

    But tonight he would return
    with a couple of
    some rope
    and a few sharp objects

    A dim light was flickering in the kitchen
    meaning the old man
    would be at the table with a belly
    heavy with drink
    and a head light with fumes

    So not much changed

    “Well, let’s go.”

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  1. Hope things are cool and hot DR., I’m a bit curious, I was looking over your work, and wonder if you do any strip writing ? I ‘m working on a book that will be a finish play. I don’t want it to get to much graphic dialog but need the iron words to push these concepts. Any suggestions. Like instead of B, or F, MF, I thought Bush Wet, Funk n Fish, Mold Food, well if you get a minute, Thanks.


  2. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get several e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Appreciate it!


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